Monday, August 09, 2010

FDC of the day - Botswana: Traditional Artifacts

1983 Botswana - Traditional Artifacts
Botswana is a landlocked African nation wedged between Rhodesia and the Republic of South Africa.  The Kalahari sands drift across the country's great plateau and are cut only by tow large rivers, the Okavango and Kuando which branch to form a mighty inland delta.  This FDC features four stamps from Botswana honoring the traditional artifacts of the tribal peoples.

The 7t stamp depicts beautifully decorated spoons whose designs are burnt into the wood.

Small segments of dried reeds are drilled and then strung on fibers to make the perosnal ornaments pictured on the 15t stamp.

The 35t stamp depicts an ox-hide milk bag known as a lekuka.  This article is still made and used today by the tribal cultures.

Decorated knives are shown on the 50t stamp.  The tribal men hung these ornate knives from a cord around their necks or from their waist.

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