Tuesday, April 17, 2007

New issues from UN

Just received my new issues bulletin from the UNPA today. In the forth coming months, we'll be seeing some really nice new issues from UN. The watercolor paintings for the “Peaceful Visions" stamps are particularly inspiring and dreamy in a way.

I especially liked the postmark because it's very artistic but simple and clean. The bulletin has mentioned a show cachet, but didn't show the image. I always liked show cachets because it's like a little enhancement to the overall presentation of the cover.

So, the Peaceful Visions stamps are in June, then what's in May? Well, it's the 2nd set of stamps from the coin and flag series. Honestly, I am not a big fan of this series because there were no creativity. I thought that the UNPA can play with it since so many countries will be represented. Oh well, you can't please everyone right? Hehe...

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